If you are struggling with chronic health issues, pain, fatigue, recurring digestive and urinary issues, or having difficulty healing from surgery, an injury or life event you are in the right place. My first suggestion is to take a deep breath and relax. 

Secondly I want you to think about how we might work together to discover what might be making you and/or your family sick. Investing into your health will save you money in the long run.

We can start by finding out what has worked for you and what might be triggering these recurring issues. I want to help you feel well while working to have full function of intestinal motility, a healthier gut microbiome to strengthen the immune system, so you feel alive and well to live a life of intention and purpose. This will reduce inflammation and improve nerve health which in turn improves mental health.

Mindful eating and living takes practice. Let’s practice together!

Diane Greco Allen


I am a Retired Nurse, a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and Certified Functional Nutritional Counselor. I have written a popular book about Pancreatitis and the many diverse health issues that can be related to it or caused by it.

My nursing education and personal experiences as a patient have given me a broader understanding of both the health professional and patient perspective.

My experience as a parent has enlightened my understanding of early interventions with nutrition to maintain mental and physical well-being.

Be Sure to Have a Peek at My Services Tab

I offer a variety of different options to help support you in attaining your health goals.


I offer coaching to individuals, couples and groups to assist them in improving their health, fitness, and nutrition.

Cooking Classes

I love to cook, so I teach classes to individuals, couples, or groups to show them that healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated or tasteless.


In addition to my book, I have tons of other resources, blog posts, videos, .pdfs, and recipes. Some are free and some are paid items, but all are helpful to you on your journey to health.

“Over our 6 weeks together, Diane improved my awareness around digestive health while sharing insight on the nutritional benefits of healthier food choices with educational cooking instruction.”

Ashley C – Health and Wellness WVU Intern

My Motto is:

Be Strong, Be Calm, Stay Educated, Stay Focused

Long Term Goal

I1) Creating awareness using food as medicine in mindful eating, in order to better understand body functions in relation to aging and treatment options for chronic diseases.

2) Raise awareness of the presence of chronic pancreatitis/pancreatic pain syndrome and parathyroid disease and the need to change clinical diagnostic protocols to enable earlier detection to intervene with integrative nutrition holistic approaches to care.

One of the Easiest Ways to Monitor Your Well-Being is to Simply Look at Your Hand

Diane’s Rule of Fives is about using your hands as a part of your tool belt for wellness. Raise your hands if you are interested in wellness to beat chronic fatigue, digestive issues, and the feeling of being constantly worn out. 

This is a simple way to remember to focus on your healthy habits every day. When you look at your hand, remember this:

Thumb: Is for calm breathing and meditation. These daily practices will calm you and help you to copy with the world around you.

Index Finger: Is for choosing pancreas friendly foods and drinks. Nutrition is one of the most important areas and the one where you have the most control.

Middle Finger: Is for sleep and rest. It’s important to get quality sleep each night and have some quiet rest time during the day. Good for both mental and physical health.

Ring Finger: Is for healthy relationships. Unhealthy or toxic relationships can be a major drain on your health.

Pinky Finger: Is for activity and movement. This is literally what your body is created for. Try to add some into every day.

Now you can’t ever forget because your healthy reminders are right at the ends of your arms.

When our world is in balance, it is healthy. Everything that comes from the earth, returns to the earth and contributes to new life. This cycle is key to healthy ecosystems, and a healthy world.​

— Robert Freeze​