About my book and how it can help you:

Pancreatitis is a confusing disease. Learn about root causes of dis-ease and symptoms that lead to pancreatitis and other digestive issues including IBS, depression, anxiety, relationships with food, food sensitivities, toxicity, hormone imbalances, addictions, immune system burdens from childhood and other virus’ (STD’s), bacterial, parasitic, yeast, mold and other exposures, concussions, cellular starvation and burnout.

Practice awareness by using my simple hand tools and mindfulness techniques daily to regain energy and manage pain while finding your purpose to enjoy life.

If you love to learn about the human body to know how things work, you will enjoy the second half of the book as I dive deeper to make connections with a new way of thinking about the importance of food and the functioning body.

This Italian girl shares how she was held hostage to food, medicine, religion, and tradition. My personal experience as a nurse, mother, caregiver & wife of a surgeon along with frustration of conventional medicine approaches of treatment are intertwined throughout the book.

I am a:

Former Surgical and Cardiac ICU RN

Military / Vet Mom

Insured Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC)

Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor (CFNC)

Mother of 4 and Grandmother

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“I love how the author provides a tool for awareness in different areas of your life that all affect your gut health, information about her own health journey, and actionable tips for feeling better now. This is a comprehensive guide that is written for a normal person, not a scholar, to read and understand how to overcome the challenges associated with pancreatitis, even if you have been misdiagnosed or suspect that your pancreas is at the root of your health issues. A must read to feel better now!”

Karen M.

“I love how Diane engages her young audience and lets them help with the meal prep. She finds simple things for them to do that are age-appropriate, and it lets them feel like they took part in creating what they are eating. I also love how she educated them while they were making the food. It’s so important to reach kids with easy ways to prepare healthy foods and get them involved in thinking about their meals, rather than just eating whatever tastes good. I’m hoping that the awareness we instill in our children now will pay dividends with their health later in life.”

Cori W.

These are the Various Types of Issues Addressed in My Book

Digestive Issues

Sluggish Bowel 

Hyperactive bowel

Sluggish gallbladder/gallstones

Inflammation of pancreas or liver (pancreatitis, hepatitis)

Fatty liver

Frequent stomach aches & indigestion

GERD or esophagus issues

Difficulty swallowing

Low appetite

Pain related to eating

Small intestinal bowel overgrowth (SIBO)

Diarrhea, Gas  & Bloating

Urinary Issues

Kidney issues

Kidney Stones


Difficult flow

Bladder Filling and emptying issues 

Bloody urine


Other Types of Issues

Chronic Back pain

Joint pain

Surgery/Trauma syndrome


Cardiac/Heart related issues

Chest pain

Frequent dehydration

Chronic cough 

Chest and lung issues

Chronic Back pain

Joint pain

Surgery/Trauma syndrome

Chronic or Recurring Virus

Or Bacterial Infections


Lyme’s Disease

Epstein Barr Virus/Mono

H. Pylori

Strep Throat or Tonsillitis


Shingles/Herpes Family Virus


Recurring Flu symptoms

Recurring Cold symptoms



Antibiotic resistant infections

Endocrine or Hormone Issues

Thyroid dysfunction (Hypo/Hyper)

Diabetes/Pre-Diabetes/High cholesterol 

Fertility issues

Ovary or testicular issues

Weight issues

Cardiovas-cular Issues


Cardiac/Heart related issues

Chest pain

Frequent dehydration

Chronic cough 

Chest and lung issues

Circulatory-related issues

Recurrent dental problems

Mental health issues

Nerve and Brain Issues


Post concussion/head trauma

Brain swelling



Multiple sclerosis

Hearing issues

Vision issues

Memory and Focus issues (ADHD, ADD)

Delayed learning 

Allergy or Intolerance Issues:

Food toxins

Sensitivities to types of foods

Food allergies

Problems Specific to Women

Menstrual irregularities

Sexual dysfunction (Hyper/Hypo)

Vaginal Yeast 

Water Weight issues

Pregnancy issues



Post-partum fatigue/depression

Chronic Pelvic pain or dysfunction 

Autoimmune Diseases




Rheumatoid Arthritis 

Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food