Our Childhood Diet Can Have an Immense Impact on our Adult Health

A Bit About Me

Our attachment to food and eating habits begins when we are in our Mother’s wombs. It continues on during childhood from influences that surround us and our environment.

I was fortunate to have been raised in a large loving Catholic Italian family. Food was a large part of our life, unfortunately it led to many health related issues.

I spent many Sunday’s making sauce and homemade pizza with my Mother in our hot little Italian kitchen. Since my mother’s death in 2015, I had an apron made from the dress that she frequently wore.

I grew to love cooking and working with food, although my obsession leaned toward sweets. The ricotta pie, cakes, biscotti, and all those wonderful Italian cookies.

The Effects of Diet on my Adult Health

I never connected the food I was eating with all of my health struggles growing up. I spent years searching for answers from medical specialists. I had more upper GI’s and colonoscopies than most people could ever imagine by the age of 40.

I felt complacent that it was fate I would never feel well. My weight reached 195 lbs after having 4 children in 5 years.

I thought I was doing everything right. I was extremely active, went to the gym several times a week and walked miles a day.

Early on as a clinical nurse, working many night shifts, I did not recognize my own habits. My bobbing weight issues in my early 20’s were compounded after I had my children with dental issues, migraines, chronic fatigue and so much more.

During one of my acute episodes of pancreatitis – I had lost up to 60 lbs in 4 months and was in excruciating pain. I wasn’t able to sleep. I was a care coordinator and caregiver for my parents who were diagnosed with cancer within 6 months of each other (ovarian, lung) when my youngest turned 4.

I Literally Thought I was Going to Die Young

That is when I began planning hospice and my funeral. My family thought I was nuts. I had no real diagnosis, other than fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, gastritis, and chronic fatigue.

I was in a wheelchair twice by the time my children reached college and finally thought “What is going ON Here?” The lightbulb went off!

How I Turned it Around

It wasn’t until I reached 50 that I realized that my daily choices made a difference and that I was able to wean from up to 10 different pharmaceutical medications assisted by health care practitioners while adding more natural ways to improve my health.

In the meantime I lost a uterus and my ovaries, my gallbladder, and 2 parathyroids. Had I known then what I know now. I might have saved my organs and my frustrations that came with the unknown.

Since 2014 I have maintained a functional weight and have learned what it is to have a functional bowel and bladder and live without excessive pain. 

I wanted to share my health journey with you because now I can empower you to take action! 

Its never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you